A Bikers Prayer

60 miles an hour - with the wind in my face
 hands on the grips and my feet on the pegs
 going down the road for a ride somewhere
 before I get too far, I say a biker's prayer
  Lord, won't you watch over me while I'm riding today
 send me down an angel to keep me steady on my way
  because you know that I'm not perfect
  I'm in need of some salvation
 in the meantime let me ride in peace
 through this beautiful creation
 For me it's not about the chrome, the leather, or the steel
 It's all about feeling something beautiful and real
 when you're balanced on two wheels

riding gentle sounds of thunder
 rolling past the fields

in this spell that I'm under
  'Cause I've gone down so many roads I never should have gone
 and done so many things that I never should have done
 but every mile that I've ridden, I'd ride'em all again
  'cause I live to ride and ride to live

at peace with what I am.