I have always liked to ride bikes. From early on I had different models. The most important bikes - the ones that had the deepest impression on me - are in this little gallery.


Honda VF 750 C

My current bike: 87 PS / 64 kw - 207 km/h - a surprise for everybody who thinks that's an stolid easy rider!

Honda CB 200

17 PS / 12,5 kw - 125 km/h - that's the bike I made my drivers license on. To small, to slow, so I sold it and searched for a new bike.

Yamaha XS 750

77 PS / 56,6 kw - 210 km/h - Big and bad. A dream had become true!

Yamaha XS 400

27 PS / 19,8 kw - 140 km/h - ok, I admit, it was an error to buy this bike. Nice bike, but way too slow... I had good intentions with this bike. But if you got the virus, you can not be without a good, fast bike. So I sold her soon and found an old, oily, leaky BMW, with which I fell in love immediately.

BMW R 60/5

40 PS / 29,4 kw - 170 km/h - build in 1970 and still running. In my possession since 1985

BMW R 100 GS

60 PS / 44 kw- 180 km/h - a cool bike, but I traded it for the Honda cruiser