Bikes of my Youth

As a kid I got the virus of motorcycling. After long discussions I got my first motorcycle in the age of 14. Wow was I proud of the little machine. But I soon realized that it was way to slow for my taste. So I sold it and quite a number of curios vehicles followed this first bike.

Solo 25

1,5 PS / 1,1 kw - 25km/h - really slow, but nevertheless a motorbike

Garelli 50 RS

6,3 PS / 4,6 kw- 85 km/h - my first real bike as a youth. Came from the race track and was the fastest bike in town! Actually faster than all the Kreidler RS everybody else had!

Jawa 175 cz

8 PS / 5,8 kw - 90 km/h - she was more of an assembly kit, but she worked fine.

Froggy 50

ca. 3 PS / 2,2 kw - 60km/h - I'm not sure if it was a Zündapp or something else, because it was a hybrid from many different parts. Because it was green I called it "Froggy". The green thing ran and ran and ran and was lots of fun.

Rex Scooter 50

I would have been happy if such a cycle would have been available to me. Much better than the "Solo" or "Froggy". This little Rex Scooter 50 - 4 PS / 3,1 kw - 50 km/h - was owned by my kids and brought them to school and back. We had it for quite a while and finaly gave it away after some years.