Bikes I never owned,  but could test

Here are more bikes which I had the opportunity to ride. I never owned one of these but actually there where some really cool motorcycles in this list.

Honda CM 400

Honda CM 400 - 44 PS / 32 kw - 165 km/h - in silver, a rented bike, after my Yamaha went to repairs after an accident. Lightweigt cruiser, more of a toy than a serios bike.

BMW R 90 S

67 PS / 49 kw - 198 km/h - I drove the black Krauser edition ... about 100 PS / 73 kw and 230 km/h fast. Man, that's been a bad bike. One of the fastest bikes of its time.


90 PS / 66 kw - 215 km/h - In red as on the picture. Owned by a dear friend of mine. I would have liked one for myself, if it wasn't so expensive.

Honda GL 1500 Goldwing

101 PS / 74 kw - 185 km/h. Very cool, in dark metallic blue and gold, but too heavy for me.

BMW R 1200 C

And finally, the bike I always dreamed of owning:

BMW R 1200 C - 61 PS / 45 kw - 168 km/h

But I like my Honda, too.